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  • You are beginning to be a bit concerned about an aging driver you know. Before making any decisions, which could possibly lead to a conflict (no one would ever admit they are unsafe drivers!), take a look at the following checklist.
  • If you answer YES to 3 or more questions, you may want to consider BOOKING an ON-ROAD assessment

    1. Does the driver often forget their car keys or drivers licence at home?
    2. Does the driver often takes 3 or more attempts backing out / driving out of their driveway?
    3. Does the driver prefer to call a cab or someone they know if they have to go somewhere after the sunset?
    4. Does the driver ask you to switch seats when having to go onto busy streets?
    5. Did you notice that the amount of "nicks" and scratches on the drivers vehicle has significantly increased in the last 2-3 months?
    6. Did the driver recently back into a fire hydrant, a bench, a tree, someone else's parked car?
    7. Did the driver recently "sidesweept" a parked car, a fence, a tree, a bench?
    8. Does the driver often complain about pain in joints, lower back, feet?
    9. Does the driver have an increased difficulty in hearing?
    10. Did the driver recently receive new eyewear for driving?
    11. Does the driver arrive late (very late) for appointments, family gatherings, etc?
    12. Does the driver have to renew their license every year?
    13. Does the driver avoid their favorite scheduled activities in bad weather (rain, snow, etc)
    14. When you are a passenger, do you feel uncomfortable, scared?
    15. You often have to remind the driver when it's time to proceed or stop.
    16. You point out speed signs to the driver (playground one signs, school zone signs, etc)
    17. The driver gets "honked at" a lot?
    18. The driver is over the age of 70?
    19. The driver is your very close relative, but they never offer you a ride anymore?
    20. Last time they fuelled their car they forgot to place the fuel cap back on - that's now 3 times in a row?

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