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We have been providing this service to maintain the right of every driver to extend their driving privilege for longer. Our Assessors are the licensed by the Ministry of Transportation professionals, with the ability to recommend the driver's license conditions and endorsements.

This service should not be confused with the Drive Able Assessments, or the Driver Refresher Courses offered by the driving schools.
Our Driver Risk Assessments are conducted on request of the medical offices, DFM, or family members for the purpose of mid-term monitoring of the safe driving skills in drivers aged 65 and older. However, our Assessments may be used as an alternative, independent professional expert opinion to any previous assessment.
The results of the Assessments are disclosed to the requesting party only, and the future action suggestions are given to the requesting party only.
The Assessment allows the requesting party to receive the "soft" answer to their concerns.
The Results of the Assessments are not passed to the DFM, unless the Assessment was requested by the DFM.
The Results of the Assessments do not affect the status of the license in the vast majority of cases.
A warning may be issued and submitted to the DFM after the Assessment, to ensure the driver is in compliance with the recommendations, issued by the Assessor.

Assessment is 1 hour long, where 40 - 45 minutes are spent on the road.
No computer testing is involved.
Our vehicle (equipped with the second brake) must be used. (In some cases, where the driver's vehicle is equipped with standard licensed modifications, it may be used. It is up to the Assessor to determine if this will apply).
We come to the driver's house, unless he driver resides more than 20 km outside of Calgary city limits (special arrangements can be made).
The driver MUST have the valid AOL. Proof of valid insurance and registration will be required. Copies of insurance are accepted, but the Registration must be original, not damaged, altered or parts detached.
Nobody, but the driver and the Assessor are allowed in the vehicle.
The results are sent in writing withing the 2 business days. Verbal opinion may be provided immediately after the completion of the Assessment.
If the driver is deemed to be too dangerous to be allowed on the road without supervision, a Statement will be issued immediately and the requesting party will be required to sign it and will be responsible for maintaining the recommendations of the Statement.

The all-inclusive cost of the 1 hour Assessment is $ 119.00 + GST, payable prior to the Assessment by cash, cheque or through our website (secure credit card processing through PayPal).

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