Alberta Corporate Driver Assessments and Risk Evaluations

Alberta's Original "ONE STOP SHOP" for All risk reduction services,
related to the privilege of operating a motor vehicle or a motorcycle.
Serving Alberta Since 2009

Our Team of Experts are the properly qualified, some still active duty professionals, with the proven record of experience in the Traffic Safety and the Driver Risk Assessment fields.

Nowhere on this site you will find any "bashing" of the competition, because in some areas we do not have any competition at all. In fact, our "competitors" come to us for consultations.

Our Mission is to make our roads safer. All consultations, no matter how long, are free of charge. Always.

Some of our associates represent a very limited group of professionals, licensed in their field of expertise, otherwise not accesiible to the others in the Traffic Safety Industry.

Licensed by the Alberta's Ministry of Transportation • Approved by DFM, ARS, WCB

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Tthe ad for our company in 2012 Alberta Seniors Directory, published by Cedar Publishing of Edmonton, Alberta, incorrectly advertised our services under "Driving School" Category. We are not associated with any driving school, nor do we provide any driver education services.

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