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Feminine Take on Femicide,

History of Gun Bans and My Safety

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May 1, 2020


Boom! It happened.


On May 1, 2020, PM Justin Trudeau shared a table with a few ministers and DPM Chrystia Freeland to say “Enough is enough”, thus banning 1500 types of weapons in Canada.


Though this action will be embedded in history as a “Liberal Gun Ban”, it is not just about the guns. Missile launchers are weapons of mass distraction. Including the already banned weapons in the new list showed how much the virtue signaling has grown in Canada lately. But that’s a different topic.


With the events of today, I could not help it but take a few precious hours out of my daily routine, which is lately been narrowed to developing a large area for the future self-sustainable vegetable garden. The growing season is short in Alberta. But the time to prevent civil unrest seems even shorter now.


My facts come from the hands-on knowledge of the Soviet system of gun control, and a little extra research to add to the story. It should make no difference to my reader if I am a gun owner.

Ever since the talks of the gun ban began, and with the COVID-19 lockdown adding some spice to the theories of the Government planning on turning Canada into a new socialist state, I have gone through the wide range of epithets labeling the events.


With the above, - please, do not rush to call the latest move by the LPC a “socialist agenda”. You will be surprised shortly to find out that the socialist state did not just allow the use of certain guns at different stages of the USSR’s history, but it had a very relaxed approach to track their own regulations. But even with some restrictions in place, it set the stage for bigger problems and caused the growth of the illegal armor.


What should alarm every Canadian is how the “Liberal Gun Ban” was implemented and the way in which DPM Chrystia Freeland tied it to the gender issue.


If you take a moment of your time right now and type into the Google Search something like: “How many mass shootings were conducted by women in Canada?”, the results coming up will be pushing the reader into the narrower channel of the gender issue. Some other searches bring results such as “gun violence is the violence against women”.


Those of you, who did watch or listen to the live announcement today, heard that Chrystia Freeland called this action as the action of feminism. This is the first day of my life that I felt embarrassed to be a female. The Freeland’s address to women “Sisters, we are here to protect you” reached the completely opposite goal. I felt less protected.

Unlike DPM Freeland, I have a real experience of the assault weapon pointed at me. What kept me alive? It was the other weapon, held by the person who was there to protect me. It helped me survive one of the multiple episodes of gang violence, spinning out of control amidst the criminal rise in the dying  USSR by the beginning of the crazy '90s. It was not just women they were after, but any defenceless citizen, their modest possessions.


As a woman, a mother, a very peaceful person, I hate guns. But as a survivor of the true social unrest, having witnessed the criminal elements emerging everywhere equipped with the state of the art weaponry, I love guns that can protect me.


The nuisance of the situation is in the way the governing party used a tragedy to eliminate months, maybe years of critical thinking, logically re-evaluating the existing laws and policies in place to find a better solution for the violence control.


A reminder – the latest shooting was conducted by a man who was not a registered gun owner, who had disguised himself as a police officer, who ran the bloody rampage for many hours, not caught by police until 22 innocent lives were taken. There were not just women whose lives were ended by the psycho on the loose. 

In 1924, the State took over the sale of weapons and made it possible to implement the gun sales and ownership after obtaining permits from the police and the OGPU (Special Committee of the State Defence).


It lasted pretty much a decade, uneventfully. Large portions of the country were the rural areas, where hunting and protecting the property from wildlife were the primary needs for owning a gun. Also, the Government was in limbo on keeping up with their promises to provide every citizen with food. So, legal or not, the guns started to take place in people’s homes all over the country.


At the time, still too shocked by the revolutionary changes, the population was stocking up on armor believing that another wave of civil unrest was coming. The local authorities, the detachments of NKVD, etc. still not having a clear direction were very relaxed and the raids for illegal guns have come down largely, especially, in central Russia.


When Stalin came into power with his tyranny, the Illegal possession of weapons was severely punished. Since March 1933, manufacturing, storage, purchasing, and sales of firearms (except for smooth-bore) without proper permission were punishable by up to five years in jail.


In 1935, the same penalty was imposed for the storage of knives. There is a song in the Soviet folklore referring to the “dull knives”. Sharpening a knife could get one in trouble.


During World War II, mostly out of stoic patriotism, and not so much under the Government pressure, many surrendered their illegal guns to help the Soviet Army to fight the Nazi invasion.

Let’s examine the gun situation in the real socialist state, in post-revolutionary Russia, later USSR.



At first, all guns, including the hunting guns, which were present at every household, rural and urban alike, were confiscated. You can also call it expropriation, as the owners were never reimbursed any of the costs, regardless of how large of an arsenal they had in possession.


In 1923, the “Hunting” decree was adopted, and with it, the process of obtaining a hunting ticket was simplified. The permits were issued by the People’s Commission of Agriculture, and the NKVD (National Committee of Internal Affairs) began to track the ammunition and registering hunting guns.


Laws related to the issuance of permits and possession of hunting guns were actively developing, but many factors were overlooked, such as definitions of who was actually eligible to buy the hunting guns. Also, the confusion brought the shortage of hunting ammo and guns, so even legalized, they were not available for public purchasing.


The guns were bought either from illegal dealers or in unregistered shops, but most often they used weapons that had been hidden since 1918, the year of mass gun expropriation.

In 1953, possession of weapons was allowed without holding a “hunting ticket” (hunting license), and in 1954 DOSAAF (Volunteer Helpers of Soviet Army Aviation and Navy Society) members received the right to purchase small-caliber rifles without any permission.


IMPORTANT. In the period from 1953 to 1960, the purchasing of weapons was virtually free of any restrictions. But it was during that particular period that the crime rate began to grow vastly.


Worth clarifying is the fact that even before 1953, the gun-related crimes were developing extremely fast, causing the high jump in the crime rates. Any hunting gun presented a potential for modification into a much more dangerous weapon.


Individuals did not require special permission to buy and own smooth-bore hunting rifles, air rifles, and pistols. Small firearms and ammunition required special approval by the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the KGB (Committee of State Defence) under the USSR Council of Ministers. Retired military generals and high ranking officers were allowed to keep the daggers without registering them with police.

The outcome was devastating and created a favorable, fast-growing environment for the following types of crime:


  • Theft from army bases, often linked to the underpaid army personnel accepting generous bribes;
  • Attacks on militia (police) and bank armored personnel;
  • Theft from and murders of the Party officials;
  • Homemade, often faulty weapons;
  • Repurposing of the unexpected household items to construct a hidden weapon;
  • Using navy daggers for a stabbing which became the primary type of assault in some regions;

But worse was yet to come.


The Communist Party (the Governing body) finally came to realize that years of targeting the wrong issues in regards of gun control and not setting the logical standards for gun ownership (i.e. social status, addictions, mental health, criminal history, and behavior) led to an uncontrollable disaster, the spike in robberies, assaults, and other crimes where the illegal guns played the major role.


In 1966, in a strong attempt to mend the issue somewhat, the Government put a heavy burden on the directors and managing staff of factories, enterprises and other businesses in a form of being personally responsible for any instances of illegal manufacturing of various types of weapons, including knives and similar items by their subordinates.


Many of those directors and managing staff ended up serving the time since they had no control of the witty minds and the smart hands of their employees, who continued to cheat the system and make the illegal weapons.


Robberies, assaults, and other gun-related crimes were on the high rise. Women, men, - the crime did not recognize gender. Anyone in possession of the gun (the last thing any victim thinks of at the gunpoint is if the gun is legal) became a ruler. Man, woman – anyone.


Shootings were pretty much a daily occurrence in rural areas. No mistake – the drunks, the recidivists were the large number behind the sad statistics. Innocent farmers were shot, just for simply running out to their porches and screaming at a thief stealing their last cow. But the news agencies did not report on those. Because they did not report on any failures in the system.

Finally, by the end of the ’70s, the militias (police officers) received the right to seize hunting rifles and other firearms, and ammo from persons who systematically violated public order, who maliciously consumed alcohol or suffered from mental illness.


The regular psychiatric evaluation of gun owners was implemented as a decisive factor for the ownership of the license. However, with the whole socialist system known to bypass its own rules, this requirement was implemented at a selective discretion. Bribing the starving commission doctor could solve the problem.


According to the new instructions, permits for the acquisition and storage of weapons (including smoothbore) prohibited the following persons from obtaining one:


  • suffering from mental illness;
  • systematically violating public order,
  • alcohol or drug abusers;
  • accused of committing crimes (assaults), as well as being tried;
  • convicted of especially dangerous state and other serious crimes, especially dangerous repeat offenders, as well as convicted of crimes committed with the use of weapons;
  • sentenced to correctional labor;


Though they finally did outline the strict requirements for possession (at least on paper), they were too late already, as the number of illegal guns was growing. With the lessening grip of the Communist party, the illegal guns were now smuggled into USSR from abroad. Those were not home-made.


For each surrendered gun, there were three kept.


When the civil unrest of the crazy 90’s happened, the number of illegal guns in possession of individuals by far exceeded the licenses. It was the innocents, once again, the unarmed women (myself included), and unarmed farmers and working men who were shaking in our skin, with the gun pointed at us.



Because they were so sure that we had NONE.


The Government and Militia were helpless as over the years they let the situation completely out of control by not taking the measures to regulate responsible gun ownership.


So, as you may see, the socialists did not really succeed at controlling the nation by taking their guns from people. On the opposite, they created a monster.


Today’s ban becomes even more surprising, as history has already equipped us on multiple occasions with the sad stories of abusing the banned products. Alcohol, weed, now firearms.


Is it the laziness or the pursuit of the vote that keeps the Governments making the head-smashing, butcher style decisions? Does not a knife become a weapon in a drunk hand during the domestic dispute? Women do not own guns? 


As a female, as a survivor of true social turbulence, as a mother, as a very peaceful person, I say that I do not feel safer now. Not a notch.


Because this ban did not protect me from crazies out there, who will still use their illegal weapons, and they will kill innocent people, and walk away to their hell, shot at the end. Innocent lives lost, no justice for them.


Because this ban did not help me gain a stronger ability to defend myself, to know that my brother, my husband, my neighbor can come to my rescue.


Because this ban did not make me believe that the Government actually does want to protect me.


I am a female, a mother, a survivor of real social turbulence. Did I mention that I am a very peaceful person?

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