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Children and

the Ideological Hysteria à la Socialism 

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October 7, 2019 (second edition)


The traditional belief that competition does not exist in a socialist state is based on the simple fact that the socialist ideology does not allow society to develop and grow independently. Socialist ideology takes growth opportunities away from people and hands it to the government.
Such is true when applied to the meaning of competition in economic perspective. But competition has a special variety, sort of fungus, which exists in the dark and cold basement of Socialism. This variety spreads dangerous infection throughout the whole body of society in the process of building the house above. Such strives on ideological competition and upon maturity turns into ideological hysteria.
The ideological competition created by Socialism is the least productive, most useless and most obliterating type of competition. The goal of this ideological competition is to disable logic through means of denunciation, fear-mongering, and fabrication of information. 
Those who survived socialism, in reality, would agree that the ideological competition is a super-powerful force of social destruction directing its force at the very core of any society - family.

“Son is not responsible for the actions of his father”, said J. Stalin and proceeded to separate the children from their parents. The parents were labeled “the enemy of people” and sent to Gulag, stripped of their dignity or simply executed in the name of the “bright communist future”. 
What happened to children of the “enemies of people”? They were thrown into concentration camps, disguised as socialist orphanages, and subjected to the severe indoctrination of communist propaganda. In reality, children were indeed made responsible for the actions of their parents as early as in the first year of life.
Memoirs of survivors draw a horrific picture of young children, forced to be angry, forced to publicly deny and defame their own parents, in fear of being punished by having to sit all night in a dark cold room with no food or water.
No one can properly scale the effects of fear on a child’s mind. Therefore it should be the responsibility of the adults to shield the offspring from any type of ideological competition to prevent subjecting them to ideological hysteria.

Ideological competition does not contribute to the progress of society. Ideological competition only caters to the small form in that society, - the top handlers. Where those infected are left with no choice but to please the handlers through spreading the dangerous virus. No matter how reasonable the voices of the rest are, they will be silenced by the hysterical screaming of knowledge malnourished crowd.
Those who lived through the reality of socialism would agree that ideological competition uses a smooth and promising approach at the beginning. Nicely dressed in the suit made of best intentions, hiding the spiked lining inside, ideological competition charms the most vulnerable first. Children simply are too short-sighted to notice the bulging all over the suit.
Any offspring depends on their parents to learn the basic skills of life and to get the foundation for their morals and beliefs. In a society governed by the group of handlers, imposing their goals and embracing the ideological competition, the very institution of the family is destroyed. Parents lose their right to parent to the ideology. Their children are raised without individuality and skills of alternative thinking. Parents lose the very ability to help their kids to navigate through the sea of life.

The ideological hysteria à la Socialism thrives on the lack of education, openness to alternative viewpoints, panic, and fear. "Whoever is not with us is against us!" - this altered Biblical phrase became very popular with the communists who executed thousands of innocent civilians. Their only crime was not agreeing with the socialist ideology.


Ideological hysteria does not give children any indulgences for their age and lack of life experience.


Does any of that sound familiar to you today?


Though it might seem overwhelmingly impossible to tame the ideological hysteria, there are historically developed remedies that provide solutions for defeating this destructive force. 

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One such solution is ridiculously simple – review the approaches to the education of the new generation. Stop putting the vulnerable young minds in a difficult situation where they have to make an early choice between logic and fear. Stimulate them to learn how to work with the issue and not just blindly succumb to the indoctrination with the theory of unavoidable doomsday.


We have to be protective of our offspring and we can not subject them to the ideological competition. They will have a chance to deal with it on their own but only if we allow them to get well equipped with functional tools to conquer the issues which the previous generation has not even yet learned how to deal with properly itself.


The transition between ideological competition and ideological hysteria is lightning fast and it is overwhelming. The historical facts can not be discarded and voices of the actual survivors of socialism have to be heard. Listen to their warnings and make a note to protect the logic, sanity and the opportunities for the better future of our young.

Ideological hysteria imposes a great danger to the child's mind. It blocks the drive to conduct own research outside of the ideological dogma.  In the climate of ideological hysteria, a constructive argument is considered disobedience and is viciously punished.  
Immediately after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, many life-threatening diseases spread in Russia. Malaria, whooping cough, and measles were killing thousands very fast.  The reason behind the spread of such diseases was the doctors were labeled as nasty capitalists by the new ideology. They were deprived of practice and often forced to leave their homeland. Some tried to cooperate with the new regimen and attempted to educate the crowds. They were accused of sabotaging, lying and profiting off the poor masses. There was no logic behind such accusations, but ideological hysteria does not recognize logic.